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The vintage mirabal leather purse
The vintage mirabal leather purse


The Vintage Mirabal Tote

We love this tote purse in every way. 

With a magnetic closure upcycled fabric lining, this purse can fit everything you need and keep you looking - and feeling - classy. 

Here are the differences between the vintage Mirabal and our updated version:

  • Vintage version has our original logo on a square patch on the outside
  • Vintage version has slightly thicker handle (approx. 1 cm)  with the stitching slightly more visible
  • Vintage version has a strap that will hang approximately .5"-1" lower than our updated version
  • Vintage caramel is darker and deeper brown than our updated version

Same purse dimensions as updated version:  14" x 12" x 5" - 35.5cm x 30.4cm x 12.7cm