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The 'Market Ready' Kit

The 'Market Ready' Kit

Our Indie Experts do a LOT of markets, pop-ups, and Trunk Shows. We love them for the people we meet and the opportunities they present. They also give us a lot of information and helpful feedback.

The suggested products in this "Market Ready" Kit are what we see customers pick up the most and ask the most questions about.

It's also filled with the items that we hear them say, "Oh, I love that idea!"

This package includes a little bit more of everything that represents our small and bigger accessories, our best selling shoes, and the in-between price options.

Please note: these items are suggestions and you are able to mix and price match with items you feel would be better suited for your personal needs.


$900 USD value of $1,800


Suggested Options included in this kit:

  • 10 pairs of sandals (the Jasmine, the Ophelia, the Oceana, the Bohemia, the Camila, the Avarca, the Constanza and the Jefa)
  • 2 purses (choices: the Florence and the Mirabal)
  • 4 clutches (choices: the Carolina, the Abby, the Media Luna, the Kristina, the Paola and the Heather)
  • 1 Montana
  • 6 wallets (choices: the Edwin, the Viajero, the Sandra and the Michel)

All prices do not include taxes.