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the 'Deluxe' Kit

the 'Deluxe' Kit

If you are looking to hit the ground running as an Indie Expert team member, you will LOVE The Deluxe Kit!

The Deluxe Kit allows you to have enough products to show up at markets, launch a home storefront, or simply be prepared with a healthy amount of Brave Soles stock to get started.

The Deluxe Kit contains the suggested amount of 12 styles of shoes as well as 20 different bags and accessories.

Please note: these items are suggestions and you are able to mix and price match with items you feel would be better suited for your personal needs. You may want to change out a couple of women's styles for men's, depending on your goals and ideas.



$1200 USD value of $2,400


Suggested Options included in this kit:

      • 12 pairs of sandals
      • 4 purses (the Florence and the Mirabal)
      • 8 clutches (choices: the Carolina, the Abby, the Media Luna, the Kristina, the Paola and the Heather)
      • 8 wallets (the Edwin, the Felicity, the Viajero, the Sandra and the Michel)
      • 1 simpatico 


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