Meet Our Team - Indie Sale


Melissa Almonte - Classic and Casual

I wanted to become an Indie Sales Rep because Brave Soles makes products and is a brand that I can stand behind, and that I am proud to sell. I have a lot of connections with the Dominican Republic, and have for many years. One of my first experiences in the DR was visiting the garbage dump, and that day had a profound impact on my life. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team!
Becoming a part of Brave Soles has definitely added spice and challenge into my life. I have never sold shoes before, or even worked in retail, so this is completely different for me. But I love it, and I especially love our stuff. It makes me so happy to walk into my family and friends house and see Brave Soles shoes sitting by the door

Stacey Tetreault- versatile and trendy

I wanted to sell Brave Soles for a number of reasons, mainly because by selling and promoting Brave Soles I am helping the world become a better place! Together we are accomplishing this by reducing pollution, providing jobs and opportunities and eliminating breeding grounds for disease carrying insects. Selling Brave Soles has opened my eyes and made me more aware of global issues. Feels great knowing I'm helping make a positive difference being a part of this company.
Being a Hairstylist and in a pretty trendy occupation I would have to say my style is pretty versatile. I like to dress for success and also love to have fun with my outfits.

Jacqueline Van Ooyen- The classic, casual but funky chic

"As a mom of 4 kids, my days often consist of packing lunches, walking my older ones to & from school, entertaining my little guy & snuggling our baby girl. There are busy evenings with dinner & homework, sports practices, & backyard play. I wouldn't want it any other way. These kids inspire me & exhaust me, make me giggle, and dream. And getting to experience all of the ups and downs of parenthood and life alongside my soulmate is a gift. When my husband & I returned to the DR, where we met, 2 years ago to celebrate our 10th anniversary we were introduced to Brave Soles. I was inspired by their mission, captured by their beautiful products, and I knew this was something that I wanted to be a part of. I am proud to show my kids what it means to create a beautiful product that is eco friendly and has a profound impact on the lives of those making these handmade products. I am excited to share these products with my corner of the world and truly believe that it's only a matter of time before this company is a household name. I am thrilled to be a part of spreading the word! "

Amy Brand - Functional and simple but sometimes quirky

When I first heard about Brave Soles, I liked the whole concept of helping people and helping the environment, all while creating stylish and practical shoes and accessories that anyone can fall in love with. I went online to order shoes and a bag and then came across the info about becoming an Indie Sales Rep. I've never been much of a sales person, but I run a small beauty studio from home and I thought I might be able to help bring Brave Soles to my little corner of the world by displaying some items for my clients to see and by telling the story behind it all.
Being a part of an ethical fashion company has made me much more aware and concerned about making good choices about which companies I support. I also feel more driven to do my part for the environment. Besides that, I have been enjoying connecting people with Brave Soles items they end up loving and at the same time letting them feel good about the fact that their purchase is making a difference in the world.

Donna Waterhouse- The eclectic style girl

I was a customer of Brave Soles very early in their start. I waited until spring to start wearing my sandals and felt that these are an all seasons footwear, far more comfortable than even the best slippers.
When opportunity presented to represent it took me about a month; I felt that as the owner of now 4 pair of shoes a clutch and a wish list as long as my arm the economical choice was to be part of the sales team.
My collection has now grown and if you see me I am sporting bravesoles, shoes and accessories.
Brave Soles allows me to be me. The colour range and styles cover all the bases in my personal eclectic style.

Caitlin Green - Casual but sophisticated

I wanted to become an indie sales rep because I fell in love with the products and what the company stood for. After spending time in the dump where the materials are found, these products are near and dear to my heart. Not only are the sandals super comfortable, but it's inspiring to be apart of such an amazing company and getting other people to become involved and to shop more ethically is so important in our overly materialistic society.

Taylor Bryant- The vintage rock gal

I'm a kinesiology major and the University of Calgary. Once I finish my undergraduate degree and masters degree in kinesiology I want to go on to become a conditioning coach for sports teams as well as a nutritionist. While Going to school I also continue my passion for dance and freelance photography. What made me want to get involved with Brave soles is the fact that the company pushes such great motives in using recycled materials. It also gives me a positive space to use my creativity for something that promotes to inform people about sustainability, being ethical and slow fashion!  

Rita DeAngelis-Kockler - adventurous and loyal

Having recently returned to life in the U.S.A. after living for some time on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, the inception of Brave Soles began in the community that touched my soul and family. Brave Soles embraces a philosophy of values and choices creating products that reflect a timeless style. These products can adapt to any occasion, that’s what makes them unique and fun. Brave Soles is more than a brand, it represents a lifestyle that continues wherever you find yourself in the world. Our journey through life is ever changing, a constant is my passion to share with others that which I enjoy.