Indie Experts kits

All Indie Kits include our bestsellers, easy-to-use marketing materials (such as banners, pdf's and print ready images), your personal URL
and our 100% PERSONALIZED mentorship for every step of the way.

Your 'Start Smart' kit

You know where you want to start and you have a strong idea of the items that people will be interested in.

500$ USD value of 1,000$

6 pairs of shoes
2 big purses
3 clutches
3 wallets

The 'Market ready' kit

You have plans of events and opportunities and you want all the bestsellers there with you.

$900 USD value of $1,800

12 pairs of shoes
4 big purses
5 clutches
4 wallets

Your 'Deluxe' kit

Never miss a sales opportunity! This kit has it all: launch a home storefront, take on the local weekend markets, host your own trunk shows. We will help you fill your kit with the best items for what you want to do.

$1,200 USD value of $2,400

12 pairs of shoes
3 big purses
5 clutches
9 wallets


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