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Widlene Earle

love to share ideas and resources with everyone I meet and talk to. I believe in the power of sharing a good thing. If something has helped me, it may just help you.

Looking for something to take you out of the normal these days?

IAs we face down the last quarter of 2020, you may be looking for some good news, some fresh insights and some learning that will push you past where you currently are.

I wanted to simply share with you a sampling of what I am reading and listening to these days.

Enjoy - and if you have some you would like to add, let us know!


Books I highly recommend: 

Desmond Cole

The Skin We're In by Desmond Cole 

Desmond Cole is a Canadian and he has opened my eyes and heart up to racial inequity in Canada - and nobody gets a free pass on it. If you and Canadian and want to grow your perspective, this book is a must read. 


Persuasion by Lee Hartely Carter

Learn how to actually listen to what someone who doesn't agree with you is saying. Amazing resource for life and business!

prisoners of geography

Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

You didn't imagine it. Geography plays into everything. 

power vs force

Power vs. Force By David R. Hawkins

Not an easy read, but this book will take you on a journey to understanding why love and generosity are truly the most powerful forces on earth. 

High Performance Habits

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

This book has proven to be super practical in my everyday life and I tell everyone about it. It will help you take back your life through simple steps. .

Podcasts I'm loving right now: 

mothers of invention

Mothers of Invention: 

I love this podcast because it's smart and the guests are inspiring people like you and me that are using courage to take on climate change.
Every episode is fun and will have you seeing your options differently

unlocking us

Unlocking Us by Brene Brown

This podcast has me in tears almost every episode because it digs deep past my sense of what I think I know to be true and invites me to ask if there is something more that I can learn.

art of citizenry

The Art of Citizenry 

This podcast has me challenged at every turn. From owning up to my well intentioned mistakes to helping me see what we are doing right, this is one my essential guides to navigating such an unequal world in terms of race and justice.

ethical fashion

 Ethical Fashion with Clare Press and Simone Cipriani. 

I love everything Clare Press is working on. I have learned so much about what is happening around the world in ethical fashion that is exciting and tackling difficult questions about equality and culture.

good life project

Good Life Project. 

I love this podcast because it takes me into conversations with people I have learned to respect and appreciate.

We would love to hear from you. What is capturing your attention and inspiring you these days? Email us your ideas and we will share them out! 

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