Measure Sustainable Change

How Do You Measure Sustainable Change?

Have you ever wondered how to measure sustainable change? We are embarking on an exciting next step in Brave Soles. Well, truthfully, at this point, every next step is exciting, but this one is especially so :)

We are getting ready to provide our customers with the actual numbers and metrics with how they are helping to make a change with us.

Counting people, names and items used is not difficult. Those are the things we are used to measuring when we are looking to understand an idea or opportunity.

But how do you begin to weigh out the changes that we all need to make in order to work with the earth’s resources and abilities -  rather than against it?

This had eluded us - until now.

Very soon, when you visit Brave Soles you are going to see how we measure our greenhouse gas emissions, toxicity that is being stopped, and tangible local economic changes we are helping to make.

But the best part is that you are going to know exactly what your purchase is doing as well.

This is important for a lot of reasons, but here are the three biggest ones we feel you should know about.

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions are real - and they are endangering our kids’ future.

    Forget worrying about the grandchildren that might not be born yet. Our kids may not even have an earth to remember if things don’t change.

    When I first woke up to this, I was sitting in a presentation that David Suzuki was giving in Toronto.  I thought I was there to write for a magazine and to Instagram about it. Instead, I had a Matrix blue/red pill moment as he talked in terms I could understand and digest.  I knew I had to make a decision. Was I going to accept things as they are - or was I going to consider the role I could play in changing them?

    Hint: the fact that you are reading this tells you which one I decided on  :)

    The first key to all of this is remembering why we love our world and our lives in the first place. We need a reason to want to think differently.

    In Brave Soles, we want to be able to show you with authenticity what we are doing to help write the future. We are not going to give you anecdotal sentiments, we are going to show you and let you be the judge.

    We are going to be doing this in many ways. However, one of the most obvious will soon be available on our website via trackable numbers of how many tires are used, how that affects our carbon footprint and how your choices are making a tangible difference.

    We are measuring, considering and continually pushing ourselves to think and do things differently.

  2. We can no longer separate humanitarian concerns from climate change.

    Nor should we.

    I started a humanitarian organization. My love for humans runs deeeeeeep. Our passion for helping to make a difference is rooted in years of seeing how it can change things for individual lives.

    For a long time, I somehow saw loving people and the earth in a dichotomy: both important but not necessarily completely connected.

    I was naive. I thought that if we just helped to save humans everything else would balance out.

    I now realize I was missing an important part of the picture.

    We thrive together as a human race only when we thrive together as a planet. Right now, our world is getting very, very sick - and we are the ones who can decide whether we will continue the cycle of abuse or if we will intervene in whatever ways we can.

  3. Every choice matters if we are willing to make them.

    As you watch how we are going to grow and move forward, we want you to know that you are part of that story when you add your choices to ours.

    Our community work will be revolving around helping those who have a dream for a business gain access to making that possible.

    However, this is where we are going to be diverting from what you would normally think of as a micro-business in vulnerable communities. We are focusing on encouraging other people like us to think differently about how they are using the earth’s resources in their businesses.

    We believe that beautiful products should have a beautiful story behind them.

    In fact, good fashion can feel good, right down to your soles!


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This was a great read! I cannot wait to read more! Keep up the good work and I will keep on supporting this wonderful company!

Carly Porteous

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