Five Amazing Indigenous Brands to Celebrate

woman wearing Manitobah moccasins

is Indigenous History month in Canada. History matters and we have the opportunity to remember and do better as a result. There's much to do and be mindful of for all of us around the world regarding how we honor, heal and change.

I  am Metís. Much of my life I have been loosely connected to my heritage. Many in my childhood circle of friends were Metís as well, and yet we knew so little of our shared history. In the recent events that have unfolded in Canada, I have discovered that I am much more connected to it all than I have dwelt on in the past. Embracing where we come from is a very personal journey and means different things for each of us.

But there are some parts of all our journeys and history that are made more beautiful when they are shared and celebrated. 

The world of ethical fashion is so much deeper and promising than many may realize. The business of fashion holds opportunities to bring dignity, healing and a shared connection for all of us. Fashion is a way of communicating and It's also because of this that fashion can be fun and inspiring.

Our choices can tell us so many stories - and these brands are some that we are excited about and want to share with you. If you have any indigenous brands from around the world that you would like to let us know about, contact us and we will highlight them on our social media this month, too. 

Metis girl wearing SS River Designs white wrap skirt

SS River Designs

Christine Tienkamp is a designer, beadwork artisan and fashion entrepreneur from St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her designs are rooted in her family's French and Métis heritage, with a strong connection to the land.
Her beadwork is stunning and whimsical. 
Bonus points: she's from my hometown 🧡

Woman wearing indigenous designer earrings from Warren Steven Scott

Warren Steven Scott

Warren Steven Scott is a luxury fashion designer, tailor, and craftsperson. His label was formed in 2018.
Born in 1988 in White Rock, B.C., Scott is a member of the Nlaka’pamux Nation, whose territory is located in the interior of present-day British Columbia.
We are in love with the mod-inspired earrings from his collection 💃

Model wearing Mantiobah Mukluks standing on a log in the forest

Manitobah Mukluks

If you have never worn a for-real pair of moccasins or mukluks, you have been missing out. Not only are they traditional footwear, they are a canvas for art and celebration. 
Manitobah Mukluks is keeping traditions alive while celebrating history. 

My first pair of moccasins were made by my Mom, but she approves this brand 😇

Two women wearing Ann Mulaire fashion at an outdoor market

Anne Mulaire

Anne Mulaire is an inspired award-winning Canadian fashion designer of French Métis descent with a desire to empower the women who wear her clothing.
Her clothing is accessible, fun and timeless.

It's also fair trade and handmade. ✅

Model wearing Chloe Angus Designs

Chloe Angus Designs

Chloe Angus works with First Nations artists and collaborators whose living cultures and artforms span generations and are rooted in over 15,000 years of history.
All artwork is licensed and the artists are fairly compensated. Each piece comes with the artist signature to emphasize collaboration and ensure authenticity.
She is best known for her button wraps and I am a big fan of her dresses💘