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Celebrate the Good:
Three Radically Different Things That Make Us Hopeful about Circular Fashion

Looking for a little hope in the world right now? We are, too. That's why we wanted to share with you some great things we have discovered around the world that give us hope. 

While it may be tempting to give up or get stuck in your anger at the things that seem out of your control, we want to offer you something different. 
Today, we are simply delivering light beams of hope that we are celebrating around the world and how you can share in them. 

Here's the first three that we wanted to share with you.

Whether you are just starting to take notice of the state of our world, or you are a seasoned pro at seeking a more sustainable lifestyle, we all know that what got us "here" wont't get us "there". 

So instead of staying in panic mode (or worse yet, pretend-its-alright-mode) why not take steps, one by one, to live and think more sustainably? And, especially with #3, why not have fun with it at the same time?

Here's the first three that we wanted to share with you that we think you will find not only inspiring, but useful for you in your life, your own hopes, and your own dreams of a better future. 


1. Here's a BIG solution we are celebrating and that makes us hopeful to help reverse the destruction that fast fashion has caused for all of us.

Question: What's the definition of insanity?
Answer: Doing the same thing and expecting different results. 

Our shared climate crisis is the perfect definition of this. For example, why do we keep thinking that the destruction of forests for paper is the only way we can make paper on a large scale?

The good news is that there are good people who are not scared to think about these intimidating questions. That's why we are celebrating the launch of Renewcell, an exciting solution founded in Sweden that is turning discarded fabrics into paper. 

This one solution, alone, is capable of recycling over 600 MILLION T-shirt annually into fibers for paper and other solutions. 

Take a moment and try to picture 600 milion t-shirts and what they would do to landfills and water ways. 

Do you have it in your mind?

Now think about taking a deep breath and picture those landfills shrinking and those waterways getter cleaner.
Doesn't that feel SO much better?

Circulose paper card saying,

2. A Free and Inspiring Course to learn about the circular economy

We are big fans of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and their work on the circular economy and in particular, on circular economy. 

And now, they have a FREE course to help us all understand how to the circular economy works, how we can all participate in it, and all of the exciting opportunities it can create for our world. 

So, if you are someone who has asked yourself, "What exactly does it even mean when something is 'circular'?" then do yourself a favour and get in on this great resource.

While you are at it, check out their podcast and other great news and insights, too. 

The Big Idea Circular Economy Course

3. Enjoy some of the FUN ways that upcycling is happening!

Image for UPcyclle Nation on Fuze TV

Fuze TV's new reality TV show, UPCYCLE NATION (yes, I actually typed "reality TV" and "upcycle" in the same sentence) is actually pretty dang great!

In the words of Alden Wicker from EcoCult, "It's kind of budget but cute - just like upcycling!" 

I love it and love the creativity that is being discovered in the. most unlikely of places. 

It's seriously a fun show. It's a showcase of up and coming designers in various styles, and it's media like this that makes us hopeful about the future.  

Check it out and remind yourself that anything is possible!

From industrial solutions to Gen Z reality TV, there's good out there to be celebrated and talked about. And it starts with us. 

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