Ethical Employment: The True Sign of Great Taste in Fashion

Ethical Employment: The True Sign of Great Taste in Fashion

Your great taste in fashion can do great things - including providing ethical employment.

You probably already believe in the ideal of ethical fashion.

After all, we are good people, right? We care about the environment and the future of our global community.

But when we are looking at the cost of our fashion, do we consider what it means for those items to also provide ethical employment?

Sustainable fashion and a sustainable lifestyle go far beyond what meets the eye. Our dollars are our vote. Your purchase becomes part of building a more beautiful world for all of us.

The less you pay, the less someone somewhere is being paid for their hard work.  

Cheap prices do not mean that there isn’t a cost - they just mean that someone along the chain is paying the price that the process truly costs.

That cost can come in many forms:

  • Child labour

  • Low wages that are unsustainable for a basic quality of life

  • Health and safety risks that cost workers’ lives

  • Environmental degradation that is unregulated

  • Toxic and non-renewable resources that quickly pollute our world

Whenever you purchase a product, there is a story behind it.  That story happens long before that item is on you.

From the sourcing of the material, to the production, to the lives that make it all possible, it all becomes part of what you wear. That story always involves dedication and work - but it can also be a story of dignity and inspiration.

We are working to create a sustainable and efficient income for all of our suppliers along the way. Some of them are our direct team members and some are contracted to us for certain elements of what we create together.

When we say our products are handmade, that actually means made by hand - not machines.

Each sole of our shoes are cut by the hands of skilled tire wizards that take pride in what they do and in what their creations mean to others.

Each pair of shoes are sewn and fashioned together by the hands of artisans who have spent considerable time learning their craft. They work specified hours and take holidays and time off when they need it.

Our team members work in environments that are energizing and inspiring. Where they have a voice and know that what they say and think matters.

For us, this is what makes it all worth it.

Fashion can change the way the world works and lives. Fashion isn’t frivolous and wasn’t meant to be “fast”.


Fashion is a timeless art and is worth honouring.

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